1. Gardall Safe Corporation 30" W High Gloss Gun Safe

    Overall: 59 H x 30 W x 26 D

  2. Byourbed Iron Brick Safe Portable Laptop/Tablet Safe Box with Key Lock

    Your laptop or tablet is not only one of the most expensive items you own it is also one of the most valuable because of all the information you have stored on it. No matter where you and your laptop or tablet travel to, you can be confident with the Iron Brick Safe Portable Laptop/Tablet Safe Box with Key Box that your most important possession is secure from theft and prying eyes. This key-locking safe comes equipped with a secure cable that can be placed around any physical object to prevent... Overall: 11 H x 15 W x 10 D

  3. Symple Stuff Balhi Digital Home Security Safe with Electronic/Key Lock

    Secure your valuables with this Digital Home Security Safe with Electronic/Key Lock. The programmable lock allows you to choose a clever combination while the live locking bolts provide advanced protection from possible unwanted entry. The foam interior pad is ideal for preventing possible scratches on your valuables. Bolt-down hardware is also included for extra protection against theft of the safe. An emergency override key is also included so you can get into the safe should the batteries... Overall: 18 H x 15.25 W x 14.25 D

  4. Sparco Products Secure Key Cabinet, 10"x3"x12", 28 Keys, Gray

    Key cabinet features a hook design and all-steel construction. Secured with a combination lock. Includes oval key tags and hardware for mounting. Overall: 12 H x 10 W x 3 D Overall Product Weight: 3.5lb.

  5. Gardall Safe Corporation One-Hour Fireproof Record Safe with Mechanical Lock

    Gardalls one-hour record safes protect important documents and possessions from theft and fire. These safes bear the Underwriters Laboratories label for one-hour fire endurance and impact. These one-hour safes can withstand temperatures of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit with an interior temperature not exceeding 350 degrees Fahrenheit (paper chars at 405 degrees Fahrenheit) for a full hour and the cool down period. Comes standard with dual combination and key lock Appealing two tone paint increases durability Centered bolt down hole with hardware included for installation Does not have secondary manual handle

  6. Barska 200 Position Key Safe with Key Lock

    Keep up to 200 keys organized and secure in this key cabinet. Four pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included for easy installation. Chart insert can be used as a log sheet and or a key index to keep track of keys. Overall: 21.75 H x 14.75 W x 5.5 D

  7. Barska Keypad Security Safe with Electronic and Key Lock

    The Keypad Security Safe with Electronic and Key Lock features a spacious interior with two shelves for maximum storage capacity. This solid steel safe features a digital keypad that allows the user to quickly access the valuables inside using the correct Pin code. Three steel deadbolts help make this safe tamper resistant, and pre-drilled mounting holes with included mounting hardware further ensure the security of your valuables inside. Overall: 13 H x 20 W x 14 D

  8. Gardall Safe Corporation Heavy Duty Concealed Commercial Wall Safe

    Gardalls heavy duty concealed wall safes are designed for commercial and home use, hidden by a picture or mirror. A single fixed shelf, which is positioned approximately 4 from the top of the safe, aids in organizing the safes contents. Optional 1 flange for easier installation Recessed door discourages prying attacks Fixed shelf helps organize safe contents Wall studs must be 16" apart for installation

  9. Tracker Safe Security Safe

    This safe is ideal for bedside, closet, dresser, garage, cabin, summer home, rentals, car, or RV. Multiple users can register their fingerprints so multiple people can use the safe. Great for users that prefer not to remember combinations. Two medium sized hand guns fit easily in this safe. Great for wallet, purse, cash, jewelry, ammunition and prescription drugs. Good for small important documents Number of Locking Bolts: 2 GPS tracker mechanism: No

  10. Sentry Safe Waterproof Key Lock Fire Safe 0.36 CuFt

    This waterproof fire-resistant chest provides true peace of mind. The flush mounted faceplate and rugged body design embodies the strength and reliable protection of Sentry Safe. This chest allows consumers to protect the items most important to them from unexpected threats of fire and flood. Overall: 7.6 H x 15.6 W x 14.8 D

  11. Stack-On Convertible Steel Security Cabinet

    Foam padding for all shelves and the bottom of the cabinet Made in USA Black finish

  12. Pentagon ParaGuard Deluxe Electronic Digital Lock Safe Home Security

    Overall: 22.5 H x 15 W x 15.25 D

  13. Hollon Safe Fireproof Security Safe

    Maximum protection from fire and water. Hollon Home Safes offer a full 100% more fire protection than the average home safe on the market today. Thicker walls thicker doors promise a no-holds-barred defense against fire and a grooved door seal protects the interior from the water of a firemans hose or sprinklers. Tested at a blazing 1700 F external temperature, this safe is still able to maintain an internal temp of only 350 F. To top it off, its also 30-foot impact rated. This... Steel wrap on the outside and lined with steel on the inside Concrete based fireproof material acts as reinforced steel between layers Bolt down hole with bolt down hardware for security against theft

  14. Stack-On Large Gun Safe

    Solid steel Operational lights on electronic lock Can be mounted to the floor

  15. Homak Between the Studs Wall Safe

    Overall: 60.13 H x 17.25 W x 4.124 D

  16. HomCom HomCom Electronic Lock Security Safe

    HomCom Electronic Digital Safe Box is a cost effective yet secure way of ensuring your belongings stay safe. A great compact size for use in your home, office or business; for storing documents, cash, hand guns, jewelry and other costly or sensitive items. Quality constructed with higher end features such as heavy duty solid steel walls; interior mount tamper proof hinges; digital locking mechanism programmable with up to an 8 digit PIN; heavy duty chrome steel pin bolts locking mechanism (more... Overall: 7.88 H x 12.25 W x 7.75 D

  17. Barska Cash Box with Combination Lock

    This Cash Box with Combination Lock features a solid steel construction in a compact lightweight design. This compact safe is disguise to appear like a hard back book. The interior features a strong compact steel safe. Easily portable design that can be stored and hidden in plain view for safekeeping. Features a resettable combination lock. Ideal for safely hiding valuables, storing money, passports, and jewelry. Overall: 7.25 H x 4.5 W x 2 D

  18. MMF Industries Steelmaster Heavy-Duty Steel Fire-Retardant Security Cash Box

    Protects important documents, paperwork and other valuables. Durable steel construction engineered with double-insulated walls to protect against fire damage. Fire retardant to 750 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes. Features sturdy locking key latch and ergonomic carrying handle. Overall: 4 H x 12.75 W x 8.25 D

  19. Honeywell Molded Fire & Water Resistant Safety Chest in Black

    Dual compression latches Water, Fire, and Impact Resistant Tamper Proof UL Listed Eco-Friendly

  20. Sentry Safe Touchscreen Alarm Water-Resistant Electronic Security Safe with Lock

    The SentrySafe Alarm safe is equipped with a loud audible alarm that alerts you to attempted break in. Its built tough to withstand a fire for up to an hour, stand up to flood and storm damage and stay intact after a 1-story fall. Its protection that provides peace from all of lifes perils. Overall: 17.8 H x 16.3 W x 19.3 D

  21. First Alert Fire Safe 0.8 Cu. Ft.

    The First Alert Fire Safe [0.8 CuFt] provides storage and safety for your valuables. The safe is easy to use and offers excellent functionality. It can be used in most offices and homes.nnThe Fire Safe [0.8 CuFt] by First Alert is made from premium quality material that ensures excellent durability. The safe is available in either a combination or digital lock type, providing perfect security. The digital lock features a LCD display with an angled and lighted keypad. It also includes a key lock... Overall: 17.25 H x 13.25 W x 13.88 D

  22. Paragon Safe Premium Lock Drawer Safe

    If you are considering a drawer handgun or cash office safe, look no further. Paragon Safe are pleased to introduce the Premium Lock Drawer Safe. It was designed with the intent of being mobile. Do you ever need to transfer your gun from one location to another? The offers that flexibility. That offers 2 options to open, code or key. Includes a 10 year manufacturer warranty. The best part of this item is the price, it is significantly less than similarly featured safes and is packed with more... Overall: 4.25 H x 8.75 W x 11.75 D

  23. Stack-On Steel Key Lock Security Cabinet

    Overall: 55 H x 21 W x 16 D

  24. Homak Between the Studs Wall Safe

    Overall: 11.75 H x 17.25 W x 4 D

  25. Master Lock Company Personal Safe

    Overall: 10 W x 5.5 D

  26. Homak 14-Gun First Watch Security Cabinet

    Overall: 55 H x 21 W x 16 D

  27. Mesa Safe Co. Key Lock Undercounter Depository Safe

    Inconspicuous, rugged, and affordable. Cash management undercounter depository safes are designed to allow quick deposits without actual access inside the safe. An anti-fish baffle coupled with an internal re-locking device is the perfect combination to put any mind at ease. 0.5 Steel door Full length dead bar B rated Spring loaded internal re-locking system provides a secondary line of defense

  28. FireKing 1 Hr Fireproof Media Vault Security Safe with Key Lock

    The media vault from FireKing is a compact, affordable, stand-alone storage safe that is designed to protect heat-sensitive valuables, including data and information storage media. Whether its microfiche, photographs or computer data on virtually any standard media (see chart on back), the media vault will protect it from dust and fires up to 1700 u030a F. The media vault is the only compact and affordable media safe of its size designed to meet Underwriters Laboratories (UL) class 125... Overall: 10.5 H x 11.625 W x 17.5 D

  29. Symple Stuff Avoca Digital Home Security Safe with Electronic/Key Lock

    This Digital Home Security Safe with Electronic/Key Lock allows you to safely store your personal belongings, small firearms or personal documents. The programmable lock allows you to choose a clever combination while the live locking bolts provide advanced protection from possible unwanted entry. The foam interior pad is ideal for preventing possible scratches on your valuables. The 2 bottom and 2 back mounting holes allow you to use the bolt-down hardware to mount the safe to a wall or floor... Overall: 8 H x 17.25 W x 15 D

  30. Lockey USA Key Safe Box Hide-a-Key

    The Lockey Key Safe Box allows you to secure your keys while providing the convenience of making the keys available to those who may need to enter. Overall: 5.5 H x 2 W x 2.5 D